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The vision

For the last 40 years Bristol has been at the forefront of wheelbased sports in the UK.

The city has sparked the careers of some of the world’s pioneers of the sport, thanks to the alternative attitude rooted in the city’s DNA.

Now it's time that a world class facility is built in the city.

How will it be designed?

The Elevate Wheelpark will be a place for wheelsport fans and the community to be active, socialise and train sports stars of the future. To make this happen, we will:

  • Listen to users and residents through surveys and consultations

  • Consult with world leading and Olympic organisations

  • Design alongside you and the UK's award winning skatepark companies

Take a look at some of the concepts that have been drafted - and let us know what you think. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey that will help drive the project forwards.

Concept sketches courtesy of Canvas

Our colleagues at Canvas have kindly put together some concept sketches, to start thinking about how the new wheelpark might look. 

It’s really important to us that this is a community led project - so the more input we get, the more successful the park will be. 


Let us know what you think:


Concept sketches courtesy of Mavericks

Our colleagues at Mavericks were involved with concept ideas 10 years ago - the last time it was decided St Georges needed an update. 

Unfortunately that development never got off the ground, which is why a decade later, we launched Elevate.

Why Bristol

With the root of subcultures running through the veins of Bristol, the city is known an innovative place where world-class talent thrives.

From music to grafitti, BMXing to skateboarding, legends of these genres have honed their skill in Bristol. 


It is now time for Bristol to make its new heroes.

Park Zone

  • The wheelpark design will welcome all users and abilities of wheelsports, allowing them to use it safely together, including those with disabilities. 

  • The wheelpark will include street and bowl areas that meet competition standards from national governing bodies.

  • The wheelpark will be of environmental & architectural merit, elevating the idea of a wheel park.


Family Zone

  • The design will include viewing and socialising areas so the wheelpark is a welcoming space for all members of the community. 

  • The design would like to integrate other activities eg: climbing walls, street art walls and a stage area.

  • There will be a programme of tutoring and mentoring at the wheelpark.

Updated facilities

  • The design will look to update the existing Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) to provide improved facilities for other sports.


  • The design will include facilities to put on events like wheelsport competitions and music festivals.

  • The wheelpark will be designed as a community hub, a welcoming space for everyone.  


Have your say

We need your help to create a worldclass facility, and want to hear what you have to say!


Please take a few minutes to complete our survey that will help drive the project forwards. 

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