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The supporters

For the last 40 years Bristol has been at the forefront of wheelbased sports in the UK.

The city has sparked the careers of some of the world’s pioneers of the sport, thanks to the alternative attitude rooted in the city’s DNA.

Now it's time that a world class facility is built in the city.


Our supporters

"Skateboarding and the cultural scene is a key part of Bristol’s identity. 


We're looking to bring forward a world-class facility in

St George."

Mayor of Bristol,  Marvin Rees

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Our supporters

"Skate parks appeal to a broad cross-section of users who appreciate the freedom to practice their chosen sport in a purpose-built facility. There is a demand for a modern fit for purpose facilities for wheeled sports and the number of well constructed concrete facilities across Bristol. I recognise that skateboarding is not only an artform and sport, but it is a lifestyle for many people here in the city. 


St George’s skatepark was built nearly 40 years ago and revamped in 2012. I am delighted that members of  Bristol’s skateboarding community have put forward proposals to “Elevate” the skatepark to world class status. I am an emphatic supporter & will be championing this project not just for St George but for the City."

Bristol Councillor Asher Craig

Deputy Mayor (Communities, Equalities & Public Health)

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Our supporters

"Having a world class Wheelpark in Bristol is going to provide so many amazing opportunities for all it's users. 

When I first started going to Skateparks I was the only one riding WCMX. Having Elevate Bristol be accessible for everyone to use is going to be awesome, especially adaptive skaters and WCMX riders."

Lily Rice 

2019 - Women’s World Champion WCMX

Our supporters

"Bristol having a world-class wheel park is absolutely necessary and should have really happened sooner. 

The city and surrounding areas have produced numerous world-renowned Professional Skateboarders/BMXers over the years and has one of the strongest skate scenes in the UK and known for its talents worldwide. 


While growing up in Bristol I found and fell in love with Skateboarding, a sport which has given me a lifelong career, helped me travel and see the world plus achieve many successes including a world record."

Danny Wainright, 

World record holder and professional skater.

Lucy skateboard england2.jpg

Our supporters

“Skateboard England are delighted to support the Elevate Bristol project.

We are keen to support the building of world-class facilities to help improve, support and develop skateboarding.


When built, the project will be a huge asset to the sport and wider community and help to inspire the next generation of skateboarders."  

Lucy Adams

Skateboard England - Chair & Elected Director

Switch FS Shuv photo - CJ

Our supporters

“In the 80’s Bristol always used to be the mecca for skateboarding and BMX because of our revolutionary skateparks.

As a company we hosted the best American skateboard teams like Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz and Gordon & Smith and the best BMX teams like Haro and Hutch.

30 years later as a community we need to invest heavily again to produce a revolutionary wheelpark that all people of all ages can use again. It needs to be versatile and well designed to attract international events like X-Games and World Cup of skateboarding.

Bristol has produced some of the world's top skateboarders and BMXers over the last 30 years so let's make sure we have the facilities to keep doing this.

Let's make Bristol a world famous sporting venue once more for years to come.”

Chris Allen (with George Powell)

30 years skateboard distributor

British Cycling logo.jpg

Our supporters

"British Cycling express our support for your work to bring to fruition the aspirations for this project; to provide a world- class wheelpark for Bristol, whilst also providing a community hub allowing people of all ages to be active.

British Cycling's vision is 'together we will transform Britain into a great cycling nation'. A critical part of this role is helping to develop cycling infrastructure that is accessible, high quality and affordable to all.


In this context, we are fully supportive of the plans to develop St George’s Skatepark in Bristol, to provide a world-class wheelpark, which will provide not only traffic-free cycling opportunities, but will also create a welcoming space for all members of the community through inclusion of socialising areas, and integration of other activities leading to the development of a multi-purpose facility."

Andy Farr
Head of Business

Planning & Transformation British Cycling 

Wesport - CEO, Steve Nelson.jpg

Our supporters

Wesport are delighted to support the Elevate Bristol project in St George Park.


The development of a world class wheelpark will provide a raft of sport and physical activity opportunities, which will positively impact on the physical and mental well-being of those who use it.


Wesport believes in the power & positive impact that sport and physical activity can have in transforming people’s lives and the wider social outcomes this can bring.

Steve Nelson

Wesport - CEO

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