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Why invest

There is a growing awareness amongst leaders and community groups that wheelparks are more than just another type of sports facility. 


They are a way to stimulate a richer urban life, opening up connections to heritage, health, community, art, commerce and innovative design.

Community benefits

A world-class wheelpark will provide a community hub, allowing people of all ages to be active.


It will let the world see that Bristol is capable of hosting world-class sporting events. 



Investing in a wheelpark will provide facilities where young people can develop a healthy lifestyle.


Research shows wheel-based sports provide a better cardio workout than organised sports like football.



Wheel-based sports uniquely develop parts of the brain which combine extreme physical exertion with precise muscle coordination and balance.


Riders also learn a range of secondary skills applicable for the rest of their lives including motivation, determination and socialising.

Economic benefits

A world-class wheelpark will attract visitors to the area, encouraging them to spend money and support businesses.


The facilities will raise the profile of the city, making it a destination people are proud to call home.

Benefits and outcomes

There are around 50 million active skateboarders worldwide and 750,000 in the UK.


Learning to ride and converse at a wheelpark leads to increased sense of independence, autonomy, social skills, self-confidence, friendship and peer group status.

All of this promotes social cohesion, allowing diverse people of all different backgrounds the opportunity to develop substantial and meaningful relationships, and so can make a major contribution to the well- being and prosperity of our communities.

The timeline


St George Skatepark is in a state of disrepair. 

Inspired by news that skateboarding is going to feature in the 2021 Olympics, plans start to build a world-class wheelpark for Bristol.


A working group is formed with key stakeholders to drive the idea forward, secure funding, get plans drawn up and make the idea a reality.

Skateboarding features in the Olympics for the first time in Tokyo.

2021 - 2023

Fundraising events continue. The project gets worldwide support from the wheelpark community.

Work gets underway to build a world-class wheelpark for Bristol. 


Bristol’s world-class wheelpark opens.

Skateboarding features in the Olympics in Paris.

A teenager from Bristol competes in the gold medal final at the Olympics...

Support us

We are looking for people to volunteer their skills to help us build
a world-class wheelpark for Bristol. 
If you would like to help Elevate email us:
We're particularly looking for help with: fundraising marketing and social media

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